Home Run

Eagerly I wait the smell of freshly cut grass mixed with dry dirt overwhelms my senses

My stance ready and perceptive i focus

I clench the wooden bat in my hand adjusting my grip

My feet sturdy my blood pumping adrenaline my companion

The faint noise of a crowd gathered

I wait anticipating will this be it

The pitcher glares and releases

“not this one  it’s not right”

Umpire yells “Strike!”

I feel it in my stomach my hands stay sturdy this is it

The pitcher glares and releases

“yes this is the one not to early relax breath steady”


Adrenaline charges as the ball kisses the bat

My cleats dig the dry dirt a dust storm surrounds me

Closing home I know

My first home run


4 thoughts on “Home Run

  1. I know this is weird, but I’ve always really loved the word “cleats”! This is very cool, love the opening line then how the bat “kisses the ball”, very nice. 🙂

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