Rambling #2 5/07/2012

I am sitting here whining like a baby because a ferocious terrier mix bit the you know what out of my hand and i wanted to knock the heck out of that thing but I didn’t swear. So with that being said my thought’s today are animal cruelty. Why do people insist on having pets that they don’t take care of ! I mean if you have a dog it needs shots and care regular visits to the vet and if those things are out of your ability then do not get a dog or cat get a fish for heaven’s sake! I see so many animals chained up and in the dead of summer without shade and green water come on people would you drink green water? No I’m not a big animal activist i eat meat and I don’t own anything but a fish for this very reason I don’t want the responsibility of caring for a high maintenance pet. So please for Gosh sakes get a fish if you are gonna let your animals run around getting stuck because people like me feel it necessary to think there a rescue hero and get bit haha and yes I had my own theme song  have a great night everyone.

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