Speaking from my heart 5/09/2012

What an intense day yesterday in the discussions of Amendment #1 in NC! I am not one for living in the past I take each day as God has given it to me with a smile and love in my heart for my fellow-man. In hind sight I will say that I do believe in marriage between two people who love honor and respect one another. Marriage was at one time a hard concept for me to comprehend for so many years not the action but the dynamics of it. I now have a better understanding of it and one day maybe I to will find that one person who makes me smile like no other. Like I said before I don’t like to live in the past so new day and new topic!

I speak from my heart and try to have a meaning behind what I say  although I do enjoy foolish banter. Matters of the heart is my fascination this day and time. I wear my heart on the outside yes it can be a bad thing and has been. I tend to look at things from an emotional stand point although through the years I have managed to be more centered in doing so. What I mean is I let my heart feel what it feels but I then use knowledge and intellect to guide it. A heart can get you in a world of trouble ! I know mine has from relationships to friendships I love hard it is how I am built. I don’t really understand how someone can go through life ignoring what their  heart tells them. I am so amused by myself at times yes I laugh at me constantly the things I say and do when I let my heart speak!. Your heart can make you do silly things but never be embarrassed by those actions or words because it is honest and true. Learn to laugh at yourself love who you are and love people with your whole heart let your guard down its ok. So you get hurt every once in a while that’s life without sadness how would you know happiness?

Rejection is the main reason people do not love fully they are afraid of it and so they think it into existence. I don’t believe in rejection of the heart I believe that if you bare your heart to someone in friendship or relationship you take them as they are. Sometimes people bare their heart in the wrong form to you and need to be guided but love that person for who they are and the ability to be fearless. I feel that so much time is wasted on fear of rejection if you feel for someone you should let them know. What if they say no! is what you are thinking right and if they do accept it and now you can accept them in the form they are comfortable in.  Be fearless and bare your heart love with passion and know happiness! sadness comes sure but I am still in belief that love conquers all.

The best part about love Its free 🙂

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