In disbelief I have managed to not write anything since July in my blog! I also seem to be losing grip of my words as if a bandit has come and stole the essence of my words from my lips. I am saddened by my sudden muted writing ability words still trace through my thoughts screaming to take form into a dance with ink and paper. Yet I have chosen to ignore the art of self-expression that I have so passionately honed as my own for years. So my friends say just write and yet its never that easy is it not when you are subconsciously hiding in your thoughts from the world.

I’m not sure what or why I have chosen to ignore my first love but what I do know is if at any point I can own my thoughts again I will make time. I spent some time this morning reading some blogs from my fellow writers and I was jealous of their affair with words and it made  me realize Hello Have your own twist and construe your words play with them. so I shall I am so deeply in love with writing and to ignore my passion is to be someone im not and well we all know I only know how to be imperfectly perfect just as I was born to be

So shall we write !

One thought on “Today

  1. Imperfectly perfect–so true; and I love your phrase “affair with words”. Kids take a lot of time and attention–it’s an amazing gift when you get time to write.

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