The World Our Stage

Like fresh mountain air you fill my lungs

This heart knows you

Effortlessly complete without intent

The heavens shine for us

Brilliant warmth of sun our spotlight at hand

World full of wonder made our stage

I your lady

You my leading man

Laughter and love our script drawn in the sand

Effortlessly we are


We  become


Lives intertwined

Reassurance not needed

Salty tears of  joy heeded

Smiles that bring the sun to shame

lives of  hurt and pain now a voided past

As we walk this life hand in hand

I your lady

You my leading man




Words are clear

Words are clear

Intentions set

Minds whirling

Wine in hand

Candles reflect

Shadows off skin

Through the flame

I see you

You see me

Honest and bare

Our feelings we wear

Laughter pulls

We are aware

No longer a


No questions left

You and I alone

Together we smile

Night balanced by hearts of fire

My ear pressed to your chest

Arms surround me

We are kept

Silence of night broken

By two hearts and words unspoken

Humorous wiles

With your humorous smile
seeing all tempting the night
Always changing to suit your wiles
Radiating light
All that’s hidden down below
Now shown
never revealing
Secrets of the same twice
Stories of lives seen through
Eyes of the night
You know me well
Naked and bold
You know what I hide
Buried in sunlight
I smile
Now I wait
For your humorous smile
Radiant light once again
In the night
I will be known
What secrets can I hold?


Sinking into your eyes
Heartbeats fill the room
Beat missed two replaced
eyes in a haze
Words too insignificant
Yet difficult
Time unbalanced
Words just not enough
Love, passion,warmth, soul
Meanings not enough
Did I really know before?
The feelings
The meanings
Happiness ours
Here you are
eyes opened for the first time
Dream never to end
Love is ours

Love was never new

In loving arms our youth spent
Milestones and strife
This was our life
Love, happiness
moments upon memories
We laughed and cried
As years wrapped our lives
Home built out of love
Our children grew
This love of ours was never new
As time speed on
Hair lightened with age
Hand in hand we stay
Adventures we have
Years so many
Bodies no longer new
Pictures of our youth
Loving arms we remain
As time takes us away

Tattered By Life

One day at a time

Whirlwinds of confusion

Love and hate

You find me

crumpled of confinement

tattered by life

with solemn hand’s you reach for me

fear in your eyes

not for the look of my disarray

but for the passion that still burned inside

A man with will that was buried long ago

edges roughed by time he didn’t let go

coffee we drank as he explained

I have lost my life to the love of a women

my heart and soul she buried with haste

whats left now is the remains of a man who used to be

child I see so much of you in me

I want you to listen, listen to me!

let love in

Take someones hand

when its right you’ll know

turn away from the cold

be more than what I know

I looked in his eyes a passion there

he couldn’t hide

lost loves and hate

cold and bitter were his traits

softening around the eyes

too much for him to hide

I listened with intent

for his soul had never died

we spoke of pasts

pain and my state of disarray

as our conversation neared its end

he took my hand

with a solemn goodbye

he said “Child let love in”

I look back on those days

the lost soul he saved

and i wonder where he is

could he ever let love in once again?

Teacher of Passion and Love

luminescent light among yellow 

with grace you walked the uneven ground 

Sweet kisses you adorned my cheeks 

loving arms held me 

Laughter filled nights 

stories of old 

eyes dance of truth and honesty 

Adventures we shared 

the town our playground

Spoken in lyrics with instruments you played

clinging to my mind as if yesterday

With tears of saddness i say goodbye

You laugh and tell me not to cry

your words with me will always be

“LIve Live Life girl be free!”

My teacher of love and passion 

Close to my heart you will always be 

No tears do i cry, I do as you say 

In tribute to your life 

“LIve live life girl be free”

Until we meet again…..

Dedication to my Aunt Sally I was blessed to have known her.

Song of hearts

Words of honesty smiles untamed
Voice of depth two hearts the same
Fascinated intrigued
Butterflies dance to a beat
Song of the heart

How did this start
unsuspected unexpected
out of nowhere a light from the dark

Breathlessly laughter sings
Drunken nights
Of a heartbeat’s song

Time has no substance
day turns to night
hours to seconds

Losing footing
Gravity ceasing
daydreams upon daydreams

Arms open ready wanting
Anticipation excitement
What will be?

I will fall I will move on

Dense is the path before me
Thorns of time and vegence await
Weighted I am
Ground uneven
A loss of step
Burdened heaviness I carry
Fall I take

A choice!
A trial!
A purpose?
I am driven!

Cloud covered sky’s
Raindrops challenge my journey
I will go on!
Mountains of temptation
You challenge me
I will go on!

Driven I am !
Loved I am!
Pupose I have!

Faltered are my steps
Worn is my heart
Burdened is my soul
I will go on

Raindrops wash the mud from wounds
scars a remembrance of my journey
Clouds protect me from the sun
Thorns remind me of my will

Driven I am!
Journey I am on
Mountains of temptations I pass
Fall I will
Pupose I have!
Uneven ground loss of step
I will move on!

So Far

Eyes can’t see

hands can’t touch

closer we become

you think of me

 I think of you

What if?, could it be ?

unpractical it all seems

so far apart we are

some how some way

we touched hearts

A smile

A thought

melodies of song

Secrets we share

we contemplate the unknown


you are

but so far