Tonight I laied down and once again thoughts fill my head so here i am writing it all down to share with you. The thought i have tonight is why why do we often want things we shouldnt have or are out of reach for us. Now you would think that after so many years of living that we would stop this insessent behavior. This does not reign true for anyone wither it be a diebetic wanting a bar of chocolate or a person wanting someone they cant have we all do it to some degrees. Look at the obsession we all have over certain celebraties we know in our minds eye that we will never obtain them but we still fancy what we can not have. To me obsession is a very interesting topic people die for their obsessions every day but for what? I am as unnormal as everyone reading this post i say this because normalcy is a state of mind that does not exist. I find myself  wanting things i cant have all the time. My doctor tells me “You should not drink coffee” and because of that i drink it even more its an obsession. He warns me of the risks to my health and until i see him again all i think about is coffee really why?

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