Diamonds sprinkled across a clear night
Crisp is the air that fills these lungs
we dance

Bodies close warmed by fires deeply seeded
Lyrics of meaning entrance soul and heart

We dance to words unknown by sunlight
Smile and cater to the night

Cool breeze soaks unprepared clothes
Yet we know the dance will end
The bold become worn by the cold

Once done the melody carries us home


cold triumphs through layers of fabric

as I am still

skin kissed by flakes of white

as i am still 

a persons life is lost

as i am still

flakes harden to crystal

as i am still

a child builds its first snowman 

as i am still

A mother meets her child for the first time

as i am still

chaos confusion becomes someone

as i am still


desperation and loss brings another to there knees

as i am still

The world continues in this moment

as i am still

Life goes on

As we feel





Christmas all year

Joy of love with giving hands hearts we hold near
Ti’s the time of year
Old and young palm to palm
Praises we sing
Spirit filled laughter of children so dear
Magic they say
True are those words when gifts are given of unselfish love
Ti’s the time of year
Hope faith love becomes necessity
Here’s to a prayer for Christmas in our hearts all year