Skin soft and new

your little heart pure

smile bright and warm

I heard your voice i looked in your eyes

all the possibilities of your life came flooding through my mind

so small so innocent so pure you are mine and i am yours

God thank you for this miracle I so adore

I rock you in my arms as you close your eyes  you surrender tonight

You hold my hand we walk across the street your blue eyes stare up so innocent

I kiss your head and breath in deep I know these are moments i should keep

I watch you grow and hold you close and cry as you reach life’s milestones

My little one you have brought me pure joy


The touch of silk on my skin flames of fire singed my soul sounds of passion envelop me my senses explode, The urgency of your touch lost in each others eyes my heart feels what my mind can’t conceive our bodies one under the night sky you consume me I  no longer belong to another my heart melts pulse quickens our spirits are one

I belong to the night

to this moment

to you.


Release me from your grip let my lungs expand let my heart beat calmly and my mind stop churning let my tears freeze in the cold of winter and fall from my eyes like small frozen diamonds

Let me taste the first winds of spring that it might revive these breathless lungs and steady my broken soul

Let the leaves of fall cover my past like a blanket of rot and decay so that it may bring life to the floral of spring

Release me  please from this constant ache of your grasp so that i could once again bring life to my soul

Release me


The past a tangible presence the future untold the present is a constant resolution of all three a collage of incomplete stories untold

My heart sways my body follows

days pass stories come to an end and new ones begin some continue

I have laughed,cried felt joy hope and pain kept my faith and I have loved

My life is a story untold


The moonlight marks my path and draws me near I can not vear I am consumed in its glow I  must folow It Im not sure where it leads but i must go,

My path is shown and i must follow Though i am afraid I must..I can not stray

My fate written in the stars heard only in my heart it  whispers my name as my fortune is fortold and my destiny unfolds “Follow The Moonlight your path is clear your heart knows”

I will follow………..

Clear waters

Let the water consume me overwhelm me run through my veins,  let it fill my lungs with pain and burn my eyes, let it mark the end and beginning of new life .

I look up and see the clouds overcome the sun,

In the depths of the dark waters I find peace I find Me ,

I reach out in the dark cold waters to find warmth only to touch the ripples of my own struggle

….I find me, I see new life

One More Day

In this cold lonely room where the walls are dark and gray my heart is torn into. my eyes are full of tears my mind is racing what is this day to bring? More sadness, tears! I cringe at the thought of one more day ! How do I get out of this locked room  trapped with no windows to climb through these walls are made of steel.

How I got here I’m not sure but this place is all to familiar as if i am home, maybe its not so bad I find the solitude comforting with no chance of misguided thoughts of happiness only emptiness with no worries or unwanted visitors there are no doorways no way in or out

I think ill stay awhile maybe i can find serenity in this darkness maybe i can be free from the hurt I am numb from the pain.