Rambling #1 5/07/12

Tonight I laid down and thought what is it that normal people in their late twenties would be doing at this time tonight. Then I contradict myself by thinking “Normalcy is a frame of mind I am as unusual as the next person” and that we all are. They would be sleeping or getting up for work but not me im writing because this is what I do. I have so many ideas that constantly run through my mind at blinding speeds at times my fingers can’t keep up. Well tonight is no different I am always searching for answers! So tonight’s topic is a very fun one for some and an uncomfortable topic for others. Sex no im not going into graphic detail this is a blog people haha so their will be no mature content. I say mature very lightly because some are just as embarrassed of the word sex as they were in junior high. My idea to get you over this is to say the word sex as many times as i can in this post. Back to topic why do people corrupt relationships before they begin with (brace yourself) sex? I believe that people turn to (Here we go again) sex to feel like they are wanted by the other person. The reason this is happening is because we have become so un touchable in society. What I mean is most of us chat or post blogs and frequent social networks so often that we forget about the actual human connection.,I am not referring to (are you comfy yet?) sex. What I am speaking of is talking face to face with another human being, Feeling wanted takes place in body language and speech. I’m sure many of you when asked have you talked to so and so will say yeah i txt or chatted with them the other day. When was the last time you sat down and had an actual conversation with many of your friends or family? So we overcompensate our lack of human connection with the people we date or our partners that’s where (If you’re not used to it now stop reading there is no hope)sex comes to play. This is the one action by the human race that social networks and email just can’t contend with. The act of sex makes a person feel wanted and needed and you have a sense of gratification afterwards well i hope so anyways that’s not always the case haha. You get what im saying so in that from my experience lays heavy on the dating world. The fact is we meet one another we txt we email and then to overcompensate for the lack of human connection of all the above you have sex.Usually this happens way to early in a relationship to later end it because the only thing as a couple you know how to do is have sex. This is sad but true we as a society do not know how to communicate this day in time without using physical action. I feel that in order to have a successful relationship you must first learn to just be in the company of one another before you dilute it with physical actions. However let’s get real people we will continue to do this because it’s a feel good society. When next approaching the mark of commitment with a partner see if you can be in the same room laughing and talking without touching one another for at least twenty-four hours. If you cant seem to manage a intriguing or at least a decent conversation then maybe sex has had too much to do with your relationship and human connection has had to little.

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