We Are

darkness overcomes the sky

Light lingers on your face as the  storm rages

we are near

lip upon lip the night roars

hearts as one we our bodies shudder

held closely by one another

tears of passion filled with love

As one

we are near

soft drops of water fall from the sky

creating a song of Love and happiness yet to come

Blowing wind sweeping us up floating in the clouds

We are one

You are near

feeling wanting being

together we are


reaching waiting feeling

hands arms touch

together no other

seeing only hearts desire

every flaw a tribute to beauty

every word a poetic dream

breathless warm caring

no beginning to an end

it will always be

soft kisses from lip to lip

time has no substance

moments hours minutes rush by

it seems there is only you and I

nights spent in sweet lullabye

humor with love and stories

hope filled hearts

you and i

Heart of blue

Timeless is the sand

sounds of time stand still

light mirrors the ripples

warm breeze caresses every surface

salty air tickles my senses

The world is still

birds of song lull me to serenity

Blue oceans from above and below

cotton clouds swim in the blue

a soul renewed

world beneath of coral and reefs

what secrets do you keep

of time and light

wonders and peace

this day I am part of thee


Waves fierce emotion

pacing waiting looking


once more breath watered eyes

pounding chest

whirling chaos

cluttered mind

Don’t forget just breath rippled is my time

no end in sight

pounding my heart cries

no cause or need

just world of emotions

bring me to my knees

not by need or necessity

it takes my breath away

…………Once again peace my mind is mine

Tender words

Salty tears
Fear wilted
Filled these heart’s
Absorbed this love never spilled

Many years
Drowned in angst
Many nights of salty tears
Condemned by fear
Love soiled
From times of past misuse
long is the memories of abuse

This day I am new
Scars a hardened heart
Broken is pains bondage
Unwithered salty tears of joy

This day our lives new
Two hearts two minds
shared is the soul
Unwanted goodbyes
Hands filled
Left wanting nevermore

Lives of past secrets revealed
The heart knows no change
Tender words
Lost within deep eyes
Breathless moments
Weaved is our lives
This day our love has bloomed

What we have forgotten

Floating sky soft and gentle
Skin caressed
Sweet is the breeze
As it cools me
Nose tickled by scents of honey
Sun soaked body
birds sing of nature’s love
Gently the grass dances to their song
Beauty natural pure with honesty

I am taken
Oh natures peace
Worlds away from the human pace
I am taken
Oh simplicity
Fake has no name
only circles surrounded by life,death
All pieces to a puzzle
Nature at play

Why must we waste away in a steady pace
Searching yearning
A purpose?
Nature has no question
Honesty and need
Is the song the natural world sings
O the while we seek answers
Nature is lost honesty misplaced
Our purpose forgotten
Lives we waste
Simplicity lost by the human race
Our search determined

Oh take us back
Honesty and need our key
Nature show us
happiness in simplicity
make us see
what has to be