Ramblings on Perception

Tonight the word perception keeps lingering in my mind. I have been in many different social groups through life I guess in a way I am a gypsy of sorts when it come to a click. I’ve never been one to judge people on outward appearance or the way others perceive them. I have always found it interesting and useful to form my own perception of someone. Have you ever had an idea about a person that was completely off, I mean just out of sorts if there even is a sort. Take me for instance I am a single mother in her late twentys who is out going and has never been married form your perception off those facts. Now I will tell you in a round about way who I am the reason for never marrying is first because I didn’t believe in it for the vast part of my early twenties. My oldest children have the same father who I was with from sixteen to twenty-two and we were in love. Like so many other people who married their high school sweetheart we outgrew each other. disappointing yes but we remain friends and raise our children and we never had to file a messy divorce haha. The second love of my life who was  my friend for most of my life showed me companionship like no other and because we were friends it was easy to fall in love. We had a beautiful child together after six years Later we found out that our lives were better spent as friends. Do I judge no because then I would be asking someone to judge me on facts and not situation although you may not agree with the lifestyle one person choose  for their self it is their choice. Which leads to perception so  many times people are judged on their actions and not who they are inside people change they grow and learn from choices in life. I am not perfect and  never will be and like so many others I am perfectly imperfect and I love myself for that. The way I look at things know who someone is whats in their heart before you form a strong opinion of a person based on facts. So many people I grew up with and I have met through the years had a difficult child hood due to being judged on outward appearance and to know shock to me have grown up to be fantastic people. Not to say they weren’t fantastic then but no one gave them the light to shine. You can be beautiful by appearance but inside you have no depth and your cold that can only take you so far.  To me the most beautiful people are the ones that speak with kind words and love people for who they are and not some diluted perception of them. What im saying is love your self and others for what is under the skin perception can be altered so take time and get to know someone you may be surprised what you find. We all have different views of religion, politics and life but that is what makes this whole journey interesting. Wouldn’t it be boring if we all followed suit had the same name and liked the same things. What if there was only one religion and one culture and we all were like lemmings without our gift of choice wouldn’t that be a drab world to live in.

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