Thankful To Be A Mother

This morning as I sit here and watch my children play and express their opinions on well everything ha ha. I am thankful for their sweet innocence that graces me every day. In my children’s eyes I am their Mother which to some who have not been given this gift is more than just a name its an honor a privilege. Each and every day i am looked up too loved and held accountable for the four lovely children I have brought into this world . education happiness health and safety are just the tip of the ice burg to what it is to be called a mother. It is responsibility but it is also tons of fun for instance my three-year old expressed her desire for a NO NO  so she could shave her face ha ha don’t you just love those infomercials. Remembering back my niece expressed her want for a G.P.S to Santa all I can say to that is priceless.  My eldest daughter loved mountain dew which to her was alpine dew ha ha and would sneak a sip when she thought you weren’t looking. My sons well that’s a book in itself lets just say they were my little comedians. What I am trying to say is that every moment you have with your children are priceless and beautiful  be thankful to be able to hold them every night. There are Mothers and Fathers who would give their life for just one more moment with their precious angels. Today as your busy being a responsible adult don’t forget about the little people who look up to you and spend a little extra time being on their level play a board game or hide and seek show them that they are special to you remember tomorrow is not promised

One thought on “Thankful To Be A Mother

  1. This almost brought me to tears–your children are so blessed to have your very present and appreciate love. Not everyone gets that…I didn’t. Love the “no no” story! May God bless you with wisdom as you love these young ones into good adults.

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