Rambling of the day

So often I rush things not excluding my writing. Thanks to a friends advice to “just slow down and write stop thinking so much just write ” that is what I have begin to do once again. The reasoning I have for the rushed writing is only my thoughts of inadequacy. My thoughts go something g like this “hurry hurry write it post it before you realize its not worth reading “. Now we all know that this frame of thinking is disastrous for ones self. So I have decided to adopt a more positive approach if you didn’t want to read it then you wouldn’t . For those of you that support and take an interest into my blog I thank you. I do appreciate all forms of supportive criticism without which how could one perfect the art chosen to express ones self. I am very excited to be starting a project I will be collaborating with a fellow writer who is just awesome. I wish each and everyone of you happiness in your journey’s.

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