Many day’s

Disguised fear with tilted lips
In shadows hidden by a heavy heart
the day will come as a distant rider claiming fears of yesterday
Interludes of a birds melody hold me near
Slowly so slowly the melody becomes oddly queer
Fears once lingered within shadows clearly appear
As the rider claims the last remaining fragments of a shattered heart
Tears upon tears remain salty stained only screams heard as night overwhelms the sun taking all illusions of grander  in its arms
Now we face the shadows of yesterday

Battle scared

Scars of battle from within glisten
Locke’s of hair graced with age silver streaks shimmer

Ache of heart skin body soul!
time unravel slip away as the wind blows

Laughter widened smiles hidden there is refuge
Revealed by time all thing’s

Battle of life take me into your arms
Strong and solid I stand

Toss this body burden this soul
Mark me
make me in the end a wonderous story will have been told

Revealed by time all things unravel as the wind blows
Slip away ache of heart skin body soul