No more

Steps one by one
In the distance you fade
Promises to be
More than you saw me to be
Survive day after day no relevence is time
I will stand you will see
Better now than you ever thought i could be
Aged by time delivered by pain
I am more than you thought i could ever be
Not once or thrice i am strong

Birth of a poem

Blankly i see into the page as i write
Memories feeling life
Slowly my mind takes flight
With blood and heart
Stained with life
Regret tip toe’s in
Grief to follow
As black ink turns red
Laughter and love join in
Tornadoes of emotion
Fill my head
Focused are my eyes
Beneath my pen
My heart dripping red


I should feel  loss
There should be pain
Nothing is haunting
Madness it would seem
feel something
There is no pain
Anger is lost
Nothing to gain
Loss is not felt
It was never there

Tree of beauty

Petal so delicate grown from strength
Pure is the wind that traces each limb
Sheltered within craddled leaves
Time holds its end
Cold claims its beauty limb by limb
Beauty graces the ground
Delicate hands soon surrond
Withering with beauty
Intoxicating is the smell
Await once more
Delicate petal adorned


Tonight for a moment
You saw me
In the moment
I forgot to hide
In the moment
You smiled
Words barely spoken
Such meaning in the silence
Whisper to me
Come close to me
What was seen