#1- 5/21/12 Kids!!!

Today I am writing to let off steam it seems that my kids have figured out exactly how to not only push my buttons but jab them stuck! I guess this is what my parents have stated will be my payback. All I can say to my parents is I’m sorry really. Do you ever wonder how your parents kept their sanity while raising you? I mean I know that I have done my share of antics in which to drive  them crazy! Hand in hand my brother and I should be personally responsible for a beautiful white padded room with a occupancy of two with paper sheets. Amazingly our parents survived without any signs of permanent damage and so did we. I’m not so sure when it comes to mine and me ha ha I will admit that they are amazing my little minions and that every year they grow I become more lost as to how to guide them correctly so that they can have the best possible childhood. Parenting does not come with a handbook and every child is different. Even though my children drain the color from my hair add lines to my forehead nothing and no one could ever replace them. I am blessed to be called a Mother.

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