Definition of love

A hand held a tearful goodbye
Sunset opening the evening sky
Cold nights warmed arms
Person to person mind unarmed
Cry of a child a mothers voice
Memories of others gone
Devotion of two lives
Head on a shoulder
a friend to confide
trust with no reason to hide
All different but with

one thing

they all coincide



Thoughts in the daylight
Eyes close and a smile
candles burn through the night
Mind running wild
Touches and kisses it sees
fantasy runs deep
A smile I am moved
No reason to the rhyme so new
lover’s in mind spirit assumed
Bodies not warmed
Unsure of why with passion I am consumed
I am moved no reason to question
No rules to be broken
I am me and you are you
We compliment one to the other
A smile I am moved


Sleep abandons me without regret 

Mind wonders of tomorrow’s past and present 

an ever revolving wheel 

What if’s and when I seem to be its constant thrill

A glass of wine will ease this new found thrill

Even then it never stills

Wine its new found freedom to wonder

This pillow a constant form of torture

Shadows in the night

Cold in the dark

Why need my company tonight

Long Ago

Long ago I stopped looking

Do you exist?

Heart’s longing for fiction

A soul to touch a soul

A hand for a hand

One breathless kiss

Desire to not let go

Do you exist?

An equal an exact match

Us instead of me

Can there be?

Two halves to make a whole

How can that be

when all I see in the mirror is me

whole and complete

A tangible longing still present

I stopped looking long ago

for the other half to make this heart whole


Teased with words an imagination runs wild 

Exciting and new we converse for awhile  

Midnight talks and heated cheeks

desires and wanting that we may never see

Enticed by Attraction 

with conversation sustained 

like minded we understand 

with words we both play

I am this wolves prey 






To Love again

Silence carried from  the day before

Words like stones

 wounded souls  

Gaze never caught we turn away 

souls different by nature  

fury of tears heart of ice 

once belonging to each other  

a moment in time

our lives we shared

Hopes and simple dreams

ripped at the seams 

Distant memories

This time of ours now done

How must we go on 

battered souls once a whole

 choosing separate roads

time heals we go on  

memories are left in the cold

a gaze caught a moment in time

a hand taken  soul  restored

to love once more  

Hearts prayer

Night time bring me peace from trials of the day

Dawn bring me joy, life and strength to seize the day

Dusk bring me certainty of a life well spent

Stars in the night bring me wishes and dreams heaven-sent

Moonlight guide me own my way  to meet another beautiful day


A world so big body so young

how can he overcome scared to go home

nowhere to run

In a book bag hidden is a gun

to young to understand the outcome of his own hands

a mind to young to have choices

heart worn from the beatings

Mercy he begs “Please don’t do this again”

his own blood on his hands he reaches for the bag

crumpled on the floor a young body slain

This fathers task completed  he turns for the door

to young to understand the outcomes of his own hands

he reaches for his book bag to pull out the gun

as he screams “i will be beaten no more”

now a fatherless son beaten by justice

lost are his choices taken is his innocence

he spends his years in this juvenile prison

Salty Pillow

A pillow swims in salty tears

Puffy and swollen are her eyes

One day to the other blends as many

An un tanned line on her finger evidence she cant leave behind

Torn heart and a broken arm

She waits till early morning

He sleeps sound as her feet touch the ground

So careful not to make a sound in her closet she has found

A large duffel bag she packs without a sound

Barefoot she makes her way through the night

Leaving the beatings and bruises behind

She welcomes her new life


eyes of judgment you pass  

Appraising material possessions

Condemning the future as you pass

with status and pride

you throw stones at the past

 In an alley a beaten down man

with dirty clothes and an outstretched hand  

you curse and yell

what he wouldnt tell

his family lost to tragedy

his life full of despair

A young women clothed and worn  

you sneer as you pass 

Her body sore from the beatings

from the night before  

The young man you scoff at

cant find a job

quit school when he was young

to take care of his dieing mom

The child you laughed at

cant speak well

last summer he almost drowned

In a underground well

Lives they have lived

past we all have

judgment you should never pass

Your venom you should swallow

Have a heart full and not hollow

Our days are numbered

our ending the same

status and pride will not follow to the grave.