Memories of a King

Hands withered with time how I miss the way they held mine

Body weakened by life yet your eyes so youthful

Heart seeping with love  I miss it

Hand in mine I your princess and you my king

You guided me with such ease

Carried  in your strong arms as if my toes were to precious to even feel the earth

How proudly you loved me never showing disappointment in your voice always guiding me with ease

My teacher of religion,life,love, music and art

You taught me strength

With a laugh fit for a king  you held my heart and I held your hand

you were my king and I your princess

❤ Dedicated to my Grandfather who will forever be in my heart ❤


I hold in my heart your perfecton

your soul is a beautiful light

I hold in my eyes your truth

i smile and wonder

I see your perfection not with my eyes but through my heart

i feel your beauty not with my skin but with the essence that surrounds you

i see your truth your humanity

this you can not hide and yet you try



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To be

I am not so sure if I know how to be I have loved and left and I have been left and lost
There has been happiness and heartache love and laughter
yet I’m not sure if I know how to just be
Tears have flowed enough to fill a stream
Love has filled my life like a tangible dream
Yet I’m so unwilling to just be
Laughter has filled my lungs and worry has stained my face yet why can I not just be
My heart has triumphed over hurt and pain and yet no change
I have faced it all with dignity and have held on to my tattered pride yet I’m lost to know how to be
I still myself as the waves crash on the shore I watch in awe as lightening streaks the sky I smell the salty air but I’m restless
why cant I just be
I ask for signs then close my eyes
I breath my heart finds a new rhythm I feel so at ease no tangible sign just me learning how to be

Parting love

I watched you sleep and I knew
we looked in each others eyes and I couldn’t kiss you
you Wanted to hold me I wanted to hide
you told me it was a phase I cried
I found peace in stolen moments alone you found them while I was in your arms how could this be so hard
I told you I needed to move on you held me so hard I was honest you wouldn’t listen I cried

I spoke you only heard my voice nothing else
I cried you only saw my tears nothing else
When you held me you felt only my skin nothing else

I gave you honesty and you said I was feeding you lies
I cried
you held on so hard and I wanted you to let go
So I lied and you let me go
And I cried


Love so pure yet so tainted

Seas of emotion and circumstance

My heart so full yet achingly empty the echo so clear as if its speaking back to me

Do you know the depths that I feel the rushing current of it all

Can you see me not with your eyes but with your soul

do you hear the words lost in my silence or the images of my thoughts memories

can you feel the awkwardness of my skin

My heart speaks in languages unknown do you understand that its your name  it whispers

I feel yes I feel with emotion of great depth and I fear for my heart that it will never be able to scream the name it whispers so often

I’m afraid of the salty tears that are sure to seep from my eyes

lead me to indifference the numbness so far away yet so near

I wait with hope’s of maybe and what if

Unable to walk away

Cherry blossoms

I wish to go back to my childhood dreams where every thought was a magical reality and life had no In betweens where pure fantasies were my religion and every moment was an unexpected adventure  time was my Ali and bedtime my only foe oh how i miss you fireflies  that lite my night time adventures as I danced and played under the magestic moon and twinkling stars life so pure dreams so innocent where the memories of my youth are kissed by pink cherry blossoms and country air and love was my only emotion. 

Timed memories

Living by the hands of a clock watching and waiting for time to stop never able to catch up. We live in a hour glass and we are the grains of sand in constant motion we grasp memories in a constant exchange for time we look to the past for knowledge and the future for hope each moment we live is a single grain of sand and our life span timed by the hour glass of our lives

Single parents love

My life can be difficult at times being a single mother of four trying to instill good morals and love into there sweet little hearts no this was not my intent to do this alone but given the alternative being in a unhealthy situation and seeing sadness reflected in their eyes I would choose all of it every time. I am not the perfect mother nor will I ever be I get weary sometimes I am human I don’t think I have made all the best choices but I have made some very good ones I don’t think anyone would ever know how hard it is unless you are a single parent my children are my life and I wouldn’t give them up for anyone or anything. I never knew how strong I could be until I lost everything and left with only a bag and the clothes on my back and my beautiful children it is a humbling experience to say the least but it was the right choice and my children are happier for it I will say this and if you know me well you’ve heard me say it a thousand times Sometimes Love isn’t enough what I mean is its not enough to make a unhappy home happy its not enough to subject your children to the cruelty of a bad relationship its never enough to take away a child’s happiness. My struggles are worth it to see them smile for them to know that I will never leave them that I will always be there for them to hold them while there sad to comfort them when their sick. To be a parent is a gift from God. I wrote this because I wanted to let all the single parents out there know your not alone.


Sometimes the world moves so fast around you but in your heart you feel as though time stands still
Like quicksand we become overwhelmed with the past aches, struggles that we forget that tomarrow is another chance to start anew to live each day like its the last to feel every emotion like its the first time
Sometimes we forget what matters and every once in awhile we forget how to break free of all the angst and oppression that surrounds us and feel life as it unfolds in front of us keep hope and faith close and open your heart