Rambling part 2

Things lay heavy on my mind at times I think that is why I first started writing. At first I wrote to sleep and then as years came flying by I wrote to breathe yes to breath! My first hand at writing was a series of fictional short stories which when I have time will post for the world to scrutinize haha. Well tonight I thought I would share with you what a lady in her late 20’s who is fastly approaching thirty feels about the dating world. Yes I am a single mother who has decided to date not because I need someone in my life at the moment but more because I want someone to share those awkward moments of life with. Well I strongly dislike dating in my late twenties people the scene has changed sigh. I  have managed to meet some very interesting and some scary people since I jumped into the crazed world of dating. So far im not sure what people think love is these days I mean I know it’s a tall order but really do they think its a shared bank account and assets more like a business proposition. I am strongly considering the thought of cats and to be honest im not a cat lady but they do like to cuddle. My thoughts on dating are simple my personal thoughts. This is time to get to know one another to find out what is underneath the skin either you find the person is beautiful or as bad as a rotten potato. With that being said I have been offered deals on dating “DEALS” yes that’s what I said wow huh. The offers go something like you are a nice lady im a nice guy I know this is the first date but lets move in together and see how it works uh Hello where did the rotten potato go? I mean really why are we rushing into disastrous situations people! I have more how about this one your credit score is decent and mine is also a merger would benefit us both. I feel that these “DEALS” are crazy it makes me feel like a used car that is on discount at the car lot haha. My favorite saying is this “I am perfectly imperfect but I am the perfect me” I am not a used car so no deal. Where did the walks in the park and picnics run to really I had better dates in my teens. But like many I will continue my journey of dating all the wrong ones to  eventually find one person who i enjoy spending time with. I do not only look at the negative side of this I now have a broader spectrum of who I don’t wish to date. So as for now I stay happily single and yes I am happy being single with a different outlook on dating.

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