Cherry blossoms

I wish to go back to my childhood dreams where every thought was a magical reality and life had no In betweens where pure fantasies were my religion and every moment was an unexpected adventure  time was my Ali and bedtime my only foe oh how i miss you fireflies  that lite my night time adventures as I danced and played under the magestic moon and twinkling stars life so pure dreams so innocent where the memories of my youth are kissed by pink cherry blossoms and country air and love was my only emotion. 

Timed memories

Living by the hands of a clock watching and waiting for time to stop never able to catch up. We live in a hour glass and we are the grains of sand in constant motion we grasp memories in a constant exchange for time we look to the past for knowledge and the future for hope each moment we live is a single grain of sand and our life span timed by the hour glass of our lives