Single parents love

My life can be difficult at times being a single mother of four trying to instill good morals and love into there sweet little hearts no this was not my intent to do this alone but given the alternative being in a unhealthy situation and seeing sadness reflected in their eyes I would choose all of it every time. I am not the perfect mother nor will I ever be I get weary sometimes I am human I don’t think I have made all the best choices but I have made some very good ones I don’t think anyone would ever know how hard it is unless you are a single parent my children are my life and I wouldn’t give them up for anyone or anything. I never knew how strong I could be until I lost everything and left with only a bag and the clothes on my back and my beautiful children it is a humbling experience to say the least but it was the right choice and my children are happier for it I will say this and if you know me well you’ve heard me say it a thousand times Sometimes Love isn’t enough what I mean is its not enough to make a unhappy home happy its not enough to subject your children to the cruelty of a bad relationship its never enough to take away a child’s happiness. My struggles are worth it to see them smile for them to know that I will never leave them that I will always be there for them to hold them while there sad to comfort them when their sick. To be a parent is a gift from God. I wrote this because I wanted to let all the single parents out there know your not alone.

Clear waters

Let the water consume me overwhelm me run through my veins,  let it fill my lungs with pain and burn my eyes, let it mark the end and beginning of new life .

I look up and see the clouds overcome the sun,

In the depths of the dark waters I find peace I find Me ,

I reach out in the dark cold waters to find warmth only to touch the ripples of my own struggle

….I find me, I see new life