Why do you write

this heart writes the story written in blood
Each word Raw emotion shall it turn salty will it run from my page in sadness or gleefully dance in happiness 
Paper turned to a canvas
A choice this is not this heart could never stop
Constantly written are stories within with or without pen


We spend our lives in a whirlwind of confusions never slowing never seeing only doing what society’s morals and standards have set ignoring the whispers of clarity to busy to notice their guidence to much In a hurry cant listen we cry out! in pain from the caos and beg for guidence only to be in a hurry and not listen the whispers in our mind are only background noise the clarity ignored we lay awake with background noise scared to be alone with our thoughts and the whispers are ignored we rub shoulders with death and we still ourselves and we listen and have clarity the whispers that have been throughout our lives we hear before we say goodbye

Still yourself listen


The touch of silk on my skin flames of fire singed my soul sounds of passion envelop me my senses explode, The urgency of your touch lost in each others eyes my heart feels what my mind can’t conceive our bodies one under the night sky you consume me I  no longer belong to another my heart melts pulse quickens our spirits are one

I belong to the night

to this moment

to you.