Winters wind

Subdued; silence whispers in winters frigid wind
As night surrounds strong 
Uninvited emotions
filled of truth overcome the lonesome
Weeping scared of nights unwanted dreams
tears a steady stream, rushing, pouring
Once so young filled of
oh minds of the innocent
they sleep softly sweetly
Loves delirious sleep filled rooms of two; they drifted softly slowly into laughters unwanted sleep

Wind of winters past carry the laughter the innocence to the Weeping
joyous are memories to still the night
subdue us frigid winter wind in your liquid crystal dance
Beautiful destruction in your path
This body blanketed by your cold embrace comfort the last beat of a lonesome heart
found by
springs warm light.

Memories of a King

Hands withered with time how I miss the way they held mine

Body weakened by life yet your eyes so youthful

Heart seeping with love  I miss it

Hand in mine I your princess and you my king

You guided me with such ease

Carried  in your strong arms as if my toes were to precious to even feel the earth

How proudly you loved me never showing disappointment in your voice always guiding me with ease

My teacher of religion,life,love, music and art

You taught me strength

With a laugh fit for a king  you held my heart and I held your hand

you were my king and I your princess

❤ Dedicated to my Grandfather who will forever be in my heart ❤

Cherry blossoms

I wish to go back to my childhood dreams where every thought was a magical reality and life had no In betweens where pure fantasies were my religion and every moment was an unexpected adventure  time was my Ali and bedtime my only foe oh how i miss you fireflies  that lite my night time adventures as I danced and played under the magestic moon and twinkling stars life so pure dreams so innocent where the memories of my youth are kissed by pink cherry blossoms and country air and love was my only emotion. 

Timed memories

Living by the hands of a clock watching and waiting for time to stop never able to catch up. We live in a hour glass and we are the grains of sand in constant motion we grasp memories in a constant exchange for time we look to the past for knowledge and the future for hope each moment we live is a single grain of sand and our life span timed by the hour glass of our lives


So long ago we left behind so many possibilities we walked away from so many memories we held each other as we cried we loved each other and our lives were so right you made me strong and I gave you a home in my heart and ive missed you but we both had a journey that took us down different paths but now your here and I will make you strong and you will give me a home in your heart and we will pull The strength we both need from each other


Skin soft and new

your little heart pure

smile bright and warm

I heard your voice i looked in your eyes

all the possibilities of your life came flooding through my mind

so small so innocent so pure you are mine and i am yours

God thank you for this miracle I so adore

I rock you in my arms as you close your eyes  you surrender tonight

You hold my hand we walk across the street your blue eyes stare up so innocent

I kiss your head and breath in deep I know these are moments i should keep

I watch you grow and hold you close and cry as you reach life’s milestones

My little one you have brought me pure joy