A dance

The cold Nights translucent whispers wither a fading light

furious is the fire blazing foretold with unspoken curious nights

How? why? must we abide by these unspoken denials.

A truth so pleasing yet denied
A withered light
Foretold through furious fires

No truth no light no fire just a
Curious dreamers dreams dancing in the night.

Gazing Stars seem to ask
How many nights can a dreamer dance?

As dawn pulls from nights heavy grasp
Light surrounds embraces a last

Warm is the day as denials become truth

Whisper sweet light wash away the night
I can dance no more

Depths of a soul

In the depths of this soul
i found peace
through love and light
was freedom
this soul once a winding river
consuming all
its path darkened by days ill spent   its light found
a breath drawn deep
in me a current
forcefully moving
The tide of my life
This journey begins
it ends In me
this light a beauty within my heart  shines
in turn I was found
beautifully renewed
light has enveloped me
the darkness
I am free through my soul I found peace