In love

In the midst of loves beginning
Once set apart two hearts
Can be mended

In times awkward stance
we beg fate to give into chance
Can we be mended?

In lose
In love
In pain
In happiness

We were tested In the midst of loves new beginning

Laughter eased the pain

New life gave way to lose

Aged by years of life 
Tears lead the way

Wrinkled by moons envious sun
Happiness was branded in loves


Memories of a King

Hands withered with time how I miss the way they held mine

Body weakened by life yet your eyes so youthful

Heart seeping with love  I miss it

Hand in mine I your princess and you my king

You guided me with such ease

Carried  in your strong arms as if my toes were to precious to even feel the earth

How proudly you loved me never showing disappointment in your voice always guiding me with ease

My teacher of religion,life,love, music and art

You taught me strength

With a laugh fit for a king  you held my heart and I held your hand

you were my king and I your princess

❤ Dedicated to my Grandfather who will forever be in my heart ❤


The past a tangible presence the future untold the present is a constant resolution of all three a collage of incomplete stories untold

My heart sways my body follows

days pass stories come to an end and new ones begin some continue

I have laughed,cried felt joy hope and pain kept my faith and I have loved

My life is a story untold

Clear waters

Let the water consume me overwhelm me run through my veins,  let it fill my lungs with pain and burn my eyes, let it mark the end and beginning of new life .

I look up and see the clouds overcome the sun,

In the depths of the dark waters I find peace I find Me ,

I reach out in the dark cold waters to find warmth only to touch the ripples of my own struggle

….I find me, I see new life