Winters wind

Subdued; silence whispers in winters frigid wind
As night surrounds strong 
Uninvited emotions
filled of truth overcome the lonesome
Weeping scared of nights unwanted dreams
tears a steady stream, rushing, pouring
Once so young filled of
oh minds of the innocent
they sleep softly sweetly
Loves delirious sleep filled rooms of two; they drifted softly slowly into laughters unwanted sleep

Wind of winters past carry the laughter the innocence to the Weeping
joyous are memories to still the night
subdue us frigid winter wind in your liquid crystal dance
Beautiful destruction in your path
This body blanketed by your cold embrace comfort the last beat of a lonesome heart
found by
springs warm light.

In love

In the midst of loves beginning
Once set apart two hearts
Can be mended

In times awkward stance
we beg fate to give into chance
Can we be mended?

In lose
In love
In pain
In happiness

We were tested In the midst of loves new beginning

Laughter eased the pain

New life gave way to lose

Aged by years of life 
Tears lead the way

Wrinkled by moons envious sun
Happiness was branded in loves


No more

Steps one by one
In the distance you fade
Promises to be
More than you saw me to be
Survive day after day no relevence is time
I will stand you will see
Better now than you ever thought i could be
Aged by time delivered by pain
I am more than you thought i could ever be
Not once or thrice i am strong

Parting love

I watched you sleep and I knew
we looked in each others eyes and I couldn’t kiss you
you Wanted to hold me I wanted to hide
you told me it was a phase I cried
I found peace in stolen moments alone you found them while I was in your arms how could this be so hard
I told you I needed to move on you held me so hard I was honest you wouldn’t listen I cried

I spoke you only heard my voice nothing else
I cried you only saw my tears nothing else
When you held me you felt only my skin nothing else

I gave you honesty and you said I was feeding you lies
I cried
you held on so hard and I wanted you to let go
So I lied and you let me go
And I cried