A dance

The cold Nights translucent whispers wither a fading light

furious is the fire blazing foretold with unspoken curious nights

How? why? must we abide by these unspoken denials.

A truth so pleasing yet denied
A withered light
Foretold through furious fires

No truth no light no fire just a
Curious dreamers dreams dancing in the night.

Gazing Stars seem to ask
How many nights can a dreamer dance?

As dawn pulls from nights heavy grasp
Light surrounds embraces a last

Warm is the day as denials become truth

Whisper sweet light wash away the night
I can dance no more


I hold in my heart your perfecton

your soul is a beautiful light

I hold in my eyes your truth

i smile and wonder

I see your perfection not with my eyes but through my heart

i feel your beauty not with my skin but with the essence that surrounds you

i see your truth your humanity

this you can not hide and yet you try


The touch of silk on my skin flames of fire singed my soul sounds of passion envelop me my senses explode, The urgency of your touch lost in each others eyes my heart feels what my mind can’t conceive our bodies one under the night sky you consume me I  no longer belong to another my heart melts pulse quickens our spirits are one

I belong to the night

to this moment

to you.


Release me from your grip let my lungs expand let my heart beat calmly and my mind stop churning let my tears freeze in the cold of winter and fall from my eyes like small frozen diamonds

Let me taste the first winds of spring that it might revive these breathless lungs and steady my broken soul

Let the leaves of fall cover my past like a blanket of rot and decay so that it may bring life to the floral of spring

Release me  please from this constant ache of your grasp so that i could once again bring life to my soul

Release me