Winters wind

Subdued; silence whispers in winters frigid wind
As night surrounds strong 
Uninvited emotions
filled of truth overcome the lonesome
Weeping scared of nights unwanted dreams
tears a steady stream, rushing, pouring
Once so young filled of
oh minds of the innocent
they sleep softly sweetly
Loves delirious sleep filled rooms of two; they drifted softly slowly into laughters unwanted sleep

Wind of winters past carry the laughter the innocence to the Weeping
joyous are memories to still the night
subdue us frigid winter wind in your liquid crystal dance
Beautiful destruction in your path
This body blanketed by your cold embrace comfort the last beat of a lonesome heart
found by
springs warm light.

In love

In the midst of loves beginning
Once set apart two hearts
Can be mended

In times awkward stance
we beg fate to give into chance
Can we be mended?

In lose
In love
In pain
In happiness

We were tested In the midst of loves new beginning

Laughter eased the pain

New life gave way to lose

Aged by years of life 
Tears lead the way

Wrinkled by moons envious sun
Happiness was branded in loves


A dance

The cold Nights translucent whispers wither a fading light

furious is the fire blazing foretold with unspoken curious nights

How? why? must we abide by these unspoken denials.

A truth so pleasing yet denied
A withered light
Foretold through furious fires

No truth no light no fire just a
Curious dreamers dreams dancing in the night.

Gazing Stars seem to ask
How many nights can a dreamer dance?

As dawn pulls from nights heavy grasp
Light surrounds embraces a last

Warm is the day as denials become truth

Whisper sweet light wash away the night
I can dance no more

Depths of a soul

In the depths of this soul
i found peace
through love and light
was freedom
this soul once a winding river
consuming all
its path darkened by days ill spent   its light found
a breath drawn deep
in me a current
forcefully moving
The tide of my life
This journey begins
it ends In me
this light a beauty within my heart  shines
in turn I was found
beautifully renewed
light has enveloped me
the darkness
I am free through my soul I found peace

It was you

Beneath a starlit sky beckoning me just beyond a sea of trees a moonlit path was seen
Through nights hazed eyes my steps careful all the while a journey weary my steps became unsteady until I found
it was you holding the moon 
I was moved
time stood still as stars danced within your eyes
dreams of your smile, laughter our life
Etched in my heart from the start
As my eyes weep
of happiness and true need
A calming presence within me you keep
with tenderness your heart speaks
the depths of our souls we seek endless love abides through nights hazed eyes



As I lay tonight my thoughts overwhelm my fingertips your bright love shines through an endless time and I am
Four walls could not keep the feelings of longing and intimacy we seek through time and lies I could not be weak it was you all this time my heart did speak
And I am
Warmth of your life candles by the bedside like a moth I am drawn to your light lifes winter storms could not shatter my heart for what God had in store
And I am

Expecting less

Just begun is this battle
Lost how could It be
Strength in tears multiplied
By pain anger hurt love loss
In these hours such a simplified life has been well taught
Expecting less while giving all
Just begun is this battle
Inner turmoil
loved by many known by none 
Must I plunge on
Daylight seems so lost to the stillness of the night
Where nightmares and dreams are born
Must the darkness overwhelm the light?
Must this battle be a constant internal fight
Where must my heart reside to exist in utter delight
Must I plunge on daybreak to dawn
Strength in tears while lost in familiar fears
You tell me all it takes
to make my trophy clear yet al I see  a battle Lost without a fight
Strength in tears their are no winners here
so a tear is a tear.

Quiet noise

Breaking limbs
Quiet noise
howls in the distance
By the dark i am surrounded
Yet i still
Quietly listen
Time has it stopped
Could it be
Something somewhere
Calls for me
I still
Shuffle of leaves
No more in the distance
It comes for me
Time has stopped
Leaves have stilled
Questions i have no more
Quietly i remain
Night has claimed