One more

The night air was crisp the world was silent as she contemplated over days past. One more drink just more will take the edge off maybe make things look brighter somehow. So she poured another glass turned her favorite movie on snuggled up in her soft blanket tipsy from the drink before. The phone rang she knew who it was and had sworn to never answer that call again. The night was lonely and she was tipsy as she thought ill answer just one more. The voice was familiar so many nights she had heard the roughness of it. What are you doing I want to come over she thought about the past few days of all that had gone so wrong and in that moment she had sealed her fate one more time. Yes come over, she brushed her hair put her favorite jeans on the ones she thought made her look the best. Rummaged through her drawers found the top she was looking for perfectly cut to fit her best she went back to the kitchen poured another drink and waited for him. She thought for a moment this is a mistake but brushed it off as she gulped down a stiff drink.

The doorbell didn’t ring he knew her well he came in as she sat the glass down he smiled at her she smiled back. He knew the affect he had on her. He walked to her his hand Brushed her cheek he took her in the kitchen ripping her jeans pulling the buttons from her shirt.

As he ripped her clothes from her body she thought what have I done. The smell of vodka from his breath she knew to well

he thrust her on the floor and took her with violence as he thrust into her he thought I wont you to feel my pain all of it the sounds of her screams he knew were pain and it pleasured him
As he finished he couldn’t fight the urge he wanted her to feel more to fear him.

All she could think through the pain is what have I done.

He picked her up sat her on the counter kissed her one last time as she fought to get away he grabbed the kitchen knife and thrust. It into her as her eyes swelled with pain and her naked body crumpled he realized what he had done and so had she.

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