What we have forgotten

Floating sky soft and gentle
Skin caressed
Sweet is the breeze
As it cools me
Nose tickled by scents of honey
Sun soaked body
birds sing of nature’s love
Gently the grass dances to their song
Beauty natural pure with honesty

I am taken
Oh natures peace
Worlds away from the human pace
I am taken
Oh simplicity
Fake has no name
only circles surrounded by life,death
All pieces to a puzzle
Nature at play

Why must we waste away in a steady pace
Searching yearning
A purpose?
Nature has no question
Honesty and need
Is the song the natural world sings
O the while we seek answers
Nature is lost honesty misplaced
Our purpose forgotten
Lives we waste
Simplicity lost by the human race
Our search determined

Oh take us back
Honesty and need our key
Nature show us
happiness in simplicity
make us see
what has to be

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