Fingers of ice trickling down my spine
Caressing my body I shudder
Like a pallet of blues purple and reds
You paint me
Layers of heavy fabric blankets my flesh
Icy lips intrude
No cause for care of invasion
Soft wet kisses from the sky
catch my eyes your fingers no longer so intrusive
beauty takes over the ache
As I watch in wonderment
I can not stay but beauty sustains
Just for a moment or three
my breath taken away

Home Run

Eagerly I wait the smell of freshly cut grass mixed with dry dirt overwhelms my senses

My stance ready and perceptive i focus

I clench the wooden bat in my hand adjusting my grip

My feet sturdy my blood pumping adrenaline my companion

The faint noise of a crowd gathered

I wait anticipating will this be it

The pitcher glares and releases

“not this one  it’s not right”

Umpire yells “Strike!”

I feel it in my stomach my hands stay sturdy this is it

The pitcher glares and releases

“yes this is the one not to early relax breath steady”


Adrenaline charges as the ball kisses the bat

My cleats dig the dry dirt a dust storm surrounds me

Closing home I know

My first home run



Unknown fate eyes of the sea
Prayer to the heavens
“God be here with me”
Storms not of sight but of mind
What will become of me?
Sea unaware of the turbulence within me
Emerging from the sea the glistening of a morning sun
I am consumed
In the distance paired by life
The dolphin’s swim and play in the morning sun
God is with me

Remind me

Reminiscent of days gone by flow through our minds
Dances in the rain we smile
Young love so unrestrained
Remind me of songs played
Lost kisses lazy afternoon’s
Love conquered so freely
Hand in hand we made our way
Days and Nights forever stained
Passionate kisses
Love spent so eagerly so quickly
With unblind love you made me see
Destiny we meet
Fate we part
Our love imprinted in the stars

A Secret

Playfully you conceal a truth

You cant hide your eyes

fully you never bared your soul

Im not fooled by such a clever tool

Mystery of you

I seek truths  

Freely you give to me

Exterior pleasent easily you hide

Truths that i find 

Inside and outside

Pleasently remain

Why do you hide

Eyes a window you consent

They gave you away without intent

Your secret is mine your truth I hold








Eyes Only

I see you and wonder where your light comes from

it burns so bright you can almost taste the heat

I want to know you

to explore the depths of your mind and heart

they seem so vast and never fully explored

the facade of your human nature so open and your path so clear

you haunt my mind your soul so pure and untamed

who are you truly

I will not know

you are untouchable

I will not taint you with my presence

I will only revel in your light and bath in your heat