A Photograph

Tears I have sown

clear are the memories I hold

days lost to a heart numb

back I look to years of  I alone

 Photographs I hold

you and I


traveling the same path

footprint to footstep

your heart there mine here

you and I


Stories they tell of smiles and beauty

friends and family

memories that were clear

surely we were there

A heart left a heart taken

You and I


Surely I am mistaken

Love’s Name

blackness of night

outline of your face my fingertips did trace

familiar as my own

a freckle a scar

I knew them by heart


Anger filled the night

you said coldness was in my heart

words sliced me like a knife

with a tear drop it started I couldn’t stop I cried

I reached for you

You turned away

spoken words to slay


walking away

with a glance

you left me with words that stained

“To love you don’t know how”

“You never will”


tears streaming you walked away

heart worn soul shattered

crumpled on the floor I lay

tattered and forgotten

as I breath

“Why can’t you stay I’ll change”


vulnerable and unchanged I remain

“No I will not change!”

“It was you who never knew love’s name!”

Words stain

broken I will not

to bend I may

“I know love’s name”



moon of setting sun illuminate my heart

stars I wish upon the night sky afar

whispering dreams of night I find

matters of the heart

blankets of warmth i am

pulse steady and needing

desire of completion takes me

aside an empty pillow no heart

Stars I wish upon from afar

Answers of the heart

take me into sleep

Whispering dreams

softly to speak “I am waiting”

Answered prayer

Open heart and freshly torn wounds i come to you

When the night overwhelms the moon I come to you

Palms open on my knees I come to you

Life feels so incomplete I come to you


Face glowing healed wounds  I hide from you

Hands busied by tasks at hand I hide from you

Stars overwhelm the sky I hide from you

Life filled with contentment and beauty I hide from you


Why I ask do you not hear me in the darkest of nights?

How do you not hear my desperate cry?

Days lonely and unfurled where are you when I need you most?

Why I ask why?


Why do you not come to me when the stars dance at my feet?

Why do you not come to me when i heal your wounds and busy your hands?

Why do you not come to me when beauty i bestow abundantly?

Why I ask Why?


To seek the unseen

I looked for you in ill set words
in desperation, fantasy upon fables
In clouds of whimsy and stars of night
I wished for you

Among painted fields of green
Dew droped petals colored by spring
I sought you out

Seasons turning winds fires and storms
It is I who seek you

Rainbow’s of storms past
Songs of a robin
laughter of innocence
I cling to you

As if children we play hide and seek
Through days of past present future

It is I who needs you no longer to play childish games
But to keep you bound to me
as a spider entombs its prey

Thoughts of such things can not be
You are but as a fleeting fairy that can not be seen

In the midst of chaos you seem so near
I taste you use you as if nourishment to my soul

Days upon days of solitude and lull
you hide well my friend
I seek you in ill set ways in desperation fantasy upon fable

I seek

Sleep child

Heavy eyes unsettled hands
Moments you cling to
Innocent smiles restless toes
A tear a smile
Soft tempting lullabies

Lemon drops and bubblegum dreams
Sleep child drift into forests of Faye and flora

Play among the stars let the moon guide your heart
Chase fireflies keep them as your own

Play among the forest sprites
fly with the unicorns over the sea
Kiss a rainbow taste a cloud

Bath with the mermaids
Take their hand swim to depths beauty unknown to man

Sleep child sweet child

Let your dreams encompass thee
Fears so far away a mother’s arms hold you near
Eyes watch over

Sleep child sweet child

Let youth’s innocence take over thee
Lemon drops and bubblegum dreams

Sleep child sweet child
dream while mother holds thee


Skin on skin a yearning deep within
You touched my face I kissed your hands
Lips like red velvet soft and understanding
They caress my skin
Warm and inviting your hands scan my body
A haze of warmth and passion
I am imprisoned
Skin on skin yearning deep within
hearts rush
vowing to never deny
Exalting every inch
Feeling every moment
eyes deep with want
bodies bathed in sweat
clinging to the hour to the moment
and each other


Driven without divide
My compass you shine
Creative and longing. Needing
And wanting
Centered by fire
Without control you assume and consume
Never to tire
Your presence a force that surrounds with undying devotion
A world of people creatures you set in motion
Forever you have been and forever you will be
Passion envelops me


Twisted words your body moves
The urge to feel to breath you in
Unsure of outcomes quick to resend

Wanting needing

thoughts of rejection fleeting through minds
Flushed cheeks and common words
Not knowing the unknown

Anticipation overcoming

A brush of a hand
To know you to breath you in
Twisted words bodies move
Noticed by both without command

Air thick with tension

Bodies wanting to commit to actions

that minds cant comprehend