Tattered By Life

One day at a time

Whirlwinds of confusion

Love and hate

You find me

crumpled of confinement

tattered by life

with solemn hand’s you reach for me

fear in your eyes

not for the look of my disarray

but for the passion that still burned inside

A man with will that was buried long ago

edges roughed by time he didn’t let go

coffee we drank as he explained

I have lost my life to the love of a women

my heart and soul she buried with haste

whats left now is the remains of a man who used to be

child I see so much of you in me

I want you to listen, listen to me!

let love in

Take someones hand

when its right you’ll know

turn away from the cold

be more than what I know

I looked in his eyes a passion there

he couldn’t hide

lost loves and hate

cold and bitter were his traits

softening around the eyes

too much for him to hide

I listened with intent

for his soul had never died

we spoke of pasts

pain and my state of disarray

as our conversation neared its end

he took my hand

with a solemn goodbye

he said “Child let love in”

I look back on those days

the lost soul he saved

and i wonder where he is

could he ever let love in once again?

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