Teacher of Passion and Love

luminescent light among yellow 

with grace you walked the uneven ground 

Sweet kisses you adorned my cheeks 

loving arms held me 

Laughter filled nights 

stories of old 

eyes dance of truth and honesty 

Adventures we shared 

the town our playground

Spoken in lyrics with instruments you played

clinging to my mind as if yesterday

With tears of saddness i say goodbye

You laugh and tell me not to cry

your words with me will always be

“LIve Live Life girl be free!”

My teacher of love and passion 

Close to my heart you will always be 

No tears do i cry, I do as you say 

In tribute to your life 

“LIve live life girl be free”

Until we meet again…..

Dedication to my Aunt Sally I was blessed to have known her.

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