Love’s Name

blackness of night

outline of your face my fingertips did trace

familiar as my own

a freckle a scar

I knew them by heart


Anger filled the night

you said coldness was in my heart

words sliced me like a knife

with a tear drop it started I couldn’t stop I cried

I reached for you

You turned away

spoken words to slay


walking away

with a glance

you left me with words that stained

“To love you don’t know how”

“You never will”


tears streaming you walked away

heart worn soul shattered

crumpled on the floor I lay

tattered and forgotten

as I breath

“Why can’t you stay I’ll change”


vulnerable and unchanged I remain

“No I will not change!”

“It was you who never knew love’s name!”

Words stain

broken I will not

to bend I may

“I know love’s name”


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