I will fall I will move on

Dense is the path before me
Thorns of time and vegence await
Weighted I am
Ground uneven
A loss of step
Burdened heaviness I carry
Fall I take

A choice!
A trial!
A purpose?
I am driven!

Cloud covered sky’s
Raindrops challenge my journey
I will go on!
Mountains of temptation
You challenge me
I will go on!

Driven I am !
Loved I am!
Pupose I have!

Faltered are my steps
Worn is my heart
Burdened is my soul
I will go on

Raindrops wash the mud from wounds
scars a remembrance of my journey
Clouds protect me from the sun
Thorns remind me of my will

Driven I am!
Journey I am on
Mountains of temptations I pass
Fall I will
Pupose I have!
Uneven ground loss of step
I will move on!

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