To seek the unseen

I looked for you in ill set words
in desperation, fantasy upon fables
In clouds of whimsy and stars of night
I wished for you

Among painted fields of green
Dew droped petals colored by spring
I sought you out

Seasons turning winds fires and storms
It is I who seek you

Rainbow’s of storms past
Songs of a robin
laughter of innocence
I cling to you

As if children we play hide and seek
Through days of past present future

It is I who needs you no longer to play childish games
But to keep you bound to me
as a spider entombs its prey

Thoughts of such things can not be
You are but as a fleeting fairy that can not be seen

In the midst of chaos you seem so near
I taste you use you as if nourishment to my soul

Days upon days of solitude and lull
you hide well my friend
I seek you in ill set ways in desperation fantasy upon fable

I seek

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