eyes of judgment you pass  

Appraising material possessions

Condemning the future as you pass

with status and pride

you throw stones at the past

 In an alley a beaten down man

with dirty clothes and an outstretched hand  

you curse and yell

what he wouldnt tell

his family lost to tragedy

his life full of despair

A young women clothed and worn  

you sneer as you pass 

Her body sore from the beatings

from the night before  

The young man you scoff at

cant find a job

quit school when he was young

to take care of his dieing mom

The child you laughed at

cant speak well

last summer he almost drowned

In a underground well

Lives they have lived

past we all have

judgment you should never pass

Your venom you should swallow

Have a heart full and not hollow

Our days are numbered

our ending the same

status and pride will not follow to the grave.








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