Lovers Dream

In a lovers mind she dreams

to be held in unfaltering arms

to breath

heart to heart they speak

eye to eye they see

in a lovers dream

they dance

songs of passion and truth

is all that is known

aches of a heart as moments pass

empty arms

welcoming their lover home

fires touch cold unknown

faults unseen

dreamers dream

 beckoning me

2 thoughts on “Lovers Dream

  1. Can I ask, as a poet, do you tend to deliberately structure your work so that it forms a pattern on the page? 🙂 I’m curious, it is very attractive looking as well as being an enjoyable poem to read. 🙂

    • First thank you for the statement “as a poet” that is a honor im not sure i deserve, As far as the structure of my poems i must say that i let the words fall where they may 🙂

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