So long ago we left behind so many possibilities we walked away from so many memories we held each other as we cried we loved each other and our lives were so right you made me strong and I gave you a home in my heart and ive missed you but we both had a journey that took us down different paths but now your here and I will make you strong and you will give me a home in your heart and we will pull The strength we both need from each other


We spend our lives in a whirlwind of confusions never slowing never seeing only doing what society’s morals and standards have set ignoring the whispers of clarity to busy to notice their guidence to much In a hurry cant listen we cry out! in pain from the caos and beg for guidence only to be in a hurry and not listen the whispers in our mind are only background noise the clarity ignored we lay awake with background noise scared to be alone with our thoughts and the whispers are ignored we rub shoulders with death and we still ourselves and we listen and have clarity the whispers that have been throughout our lives we hear before we say goodbye

Still yourself listen